Creating a Card Animation in Principle

Let me show you how to create a Star Wars inspired Prototype


Tutorial Files Checklist

What we’ll be creating

Opening up Principle

Size Presets

Importing the design from Sketch

Importing the design from Sketch
The Preview Window
Layer hierarchy preserved from Sketch
Sketch File
Principle File

Animating the Headers

Rogue One Character Cards
Adding all Header layers to the first screen
Group, and Rename
Select Card group, and Background layer
Reduce the Opacity to 0% in the Inspector
Arrange the Card, and Background layers
Rename the group to Views
Select Screens, and Delete
Group the Cards, and Background layers
Rearrange the groups/layers in the Layer List
Change the screen name

Re-aligning the Cards

Re-align the Jyn Erso Card
Use simple Math in the X field
Settting up Paged Scrolling
Snap the Scroll Guides into place

Working with Drivers

Open up the Drivers Panel
Choose Opacity from the Drivers pop-out Menu
Setting the first Keyframe
Drag the Scrub Head to 375
Reduce the Opacity for the Header layer
End Keyframe added to the animation
Connected Keyframes
Keyframes for the last Header layer
Select the Profile Details group
Reduce the Opacity down to 20%
Increase the Opacity back up to 100%
Adding two Keyframes at the same time
Reduce the Scale, and adjust the X positioning
Return the Scale, and X positioning to their original settings
  • 1500 SWP 230
  • Jyn Erso 120
  • Used to operating… 150
  • Swap Button 220
Adding X value Keyframes to each of the layers
  • 1500 SWP 164
  • Jyn Erso 0
  • Used to operating… 0
  • Swap Button 102
Layers laid out correctly on the Canvas
Keyframes set in the Drivers Panel
Position Cards to the left
Reduce Opacity on the Profile Details
  • 890 SWP 110
  • Cassian Andor -110
  • An accomplished alliance… -140
  • Swap Button -100
Cassian Andor Card laid out
Set the Scrub Head to 0
Cards laid out correctly on the Canvas

Animating the Pagination

Select the Active Dot
Create the first Keyframe
Hold Shift to keep the Dot aligned
Select the Scale option in the Drivers Panel
Reduce the Scale of the Active Dot
Increase the Scale back up to 1
Keyframes for the completed Pagination

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