Don’t leave Animation as an afterthought

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The article linked below makes some great points on Animation Guidelines in UX, and specifically one that stands out; Animation should not be an afterthought in the UI/UX design process.

From the moment you’re sketching those loose ideas out on paper, or compiling wireframes in the software package of your choice, you need to have an idea of how your product will be animated in the later stages of the process. This can be as simple as an arrow showing the direction in which an element may move on the screen, or at the very least adding notes to those early-stage animation ideas you may have.

This discourages the use of poorly chosen, inappropriate animation choices being strapped on at a later stage to give the product some ‘Wow factor’.

Making sure animation is not left as an afterthought, enables you to enjoy a smoother development process and build a much stronger, and suitable product from the get go.

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Read the original article here.

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