Hey Rebecca,

Glad it rings true. Which I’m sure it does for a lot of designers. I’ve got better as I’ve aged that much I know is true. You have to find that point when you really don’t give a f**k :)

kissmyUI is a strange one. It initially was going to be kissUI (kiss it simple blah blah), but that was gone of course! So I thought what about kissmyUI, there’s a rhyme to it, it sounded a little punk, a little rebellious (I’m an Aquarian, we’re free spirits). I toned down the original branding so it was a little softer, and not as ‘shouty’, the original typeface was Sans-Serif, and all in Caps. And the Logomark was a sultry looking lady (I named her Marlene for a time, a la Marlene Dietrich). I’m pretty happy with it now (Biased opinion to the Max).


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Designer. Tutor. Created Cabana Design System for Sketch https://cabanadesignsystem.com & Figma https://cabanaforfigma.com

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