Hey Tanja,

Thanks for the comments. Don’t think that way about your own work. You’re still learning.

Even after all my years of designing I still look at some of my work, and go “That sucks”. But other times, and with a slightly biased opinion here, I will look and go “That looks so, so good”. That may seem a little bolshy on my part, but I know, and have the confidence to know when I’ve created something really good. And if I can look at a past project, from say 2/3 years ago, and see that it still holds up now (in our hyper-critical world), I know I was right when I said it looked ‘so, so good’ at the very start.

I also know when I’ve hit my level for that day on a certain project. So I leave my computer alone, go and do something else, heck even if I return back to that project the next morning, I guarantee I can view it with refreshed eyes, and thoughts.

And from time, to time I’ve completely scrapped the initial concepts I had and gone with something different.

It’s about finding a kind of rhythm to how you create, and view your own work.

  • Design initial concepts
  • Step away from your Mac/PC when you begin to run out of those little flashes of inspiration
  • Return to it later, the next morning, take a break from it
  • You come back to it with fresh ideas, and a fresh head

There can be more to it than what I’ve just mentioned, but I’ve found this has helped me create better work, or even my best work in the past.

Best of luck with the journey. You’ve got this ;)


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Designer. Tutor. Created Cabana Design System for Sketch https://cabanadesignsystem.com & Figma https://cabanaforfigma.com

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