I’m more than happy with my Early 2013 rMBP. That is when Apple peaked with this product line. Everything after has been ‘Hmm yeah.’

Like mentioned, Apple has forgotten about it’s power user base. No new Display (he says whilst looking at his Thunderbolt Display). Everything in recent times has been geared more toward the iPhone generation.

Has Apple lost its way? Hell yeah! It’s just (unwanted) iteration now, not innovation.

How much hands on is Mr Ive anymore? Removing the backlit Apple logo from the lid?? I know this may sound a little ‘cry me a river’, but is that not what gave the MBP an identity in recent years? Small, design features like that taken away. Battery saving (or some textbook answer like that) of course, silly me!


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Designer. Tutor. Created Cabana Design System for Sketch https://cabanadesignsystem.com & Figma https://cabanaforfigma.com

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