Learn from your mistakes, improve, and always look forward

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It’s better to try and not succeed than not try at all.

Failure can come at any stage of your career, and unfortunately for designers just breaking into the industry, they can take a knock early on in their career which can floor them, and make them question if this is the game they want to carry on playing, and that’s a damn shame when talent can get lost like that.

You can bounce back from failure, however you may be measuring it. Like the famous quote mentions “I have not failed, I have just found 10 000 ways that won’t work.” It’s all a learning process. I’m still learning now, and continue to learn from my mistakes and failures, and hopefully improve on them, but not let them eat me up inside. That’s not healthy.

See your failures as the impetus to improve in areas where that failure occurred, and not as a baseball bat to knock your confidence and hold you back from attempting that same thing again.

Have confidence in your self, your ability, and skill set. Learn from your mistakes, don’t dwell on them, and take them as part of the learning process, whatever stage you’re at in your career.

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