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That great idea of yours needs to live.

If that thought for your next ‘big idea’ remains just that, a thought, then what’s the point exactly retaining that in your head?

Thousands, upon thousands of people have that thought, that big idea swimming around in their cranium, but do nothing about it.

And it goes a little something like this. Hit it

  1. Great idea pops into head whilst just dropping off to sleep
  2. Idea still there in the morning
  3. Go back to the project you have to complete by a certain deadline
  4. Put nothing into action with that ‘great idea’ again
  5. Idea. Wash. Forget

A combination of time, resources, and a fear, a niggling worry of it not actually succeeding, play a massive part in the ‘It’s potentially a great idea, but I’ve got other stuff on right now’ attitude.

Have the confidence to ‘roll the dice’

If you have a great idea, don’t just keep it locked inside of your noggin (that’s a technical term for ‘head’ by the way).

Another one of the best quotes I’ve read in recent times…

How do you know if something will sink, or swim, if you don’t have the confidence to just roll the dice.

Always be taking notes when inspiration hits

And remember to be always taking notes.

As soon as you’re lay there drifting off to sleep, grab your phone, fire up your note-taking app (Evernote takes my vote for this), and pop that idea down before it disappears with your slumber.

When another part of that initial idea pops back into your head, grab your phone, tablet, and swiftly jot down those ideas.

See something of inspiration online that could help with that big idea of yours, bookmark it quick with your app of choice (big fan of Pocket).

Don’t be ‘that’ person

Just don’t be that person. You know the one that exclaims…

‘Hey. I thought of that idea first though’.

Yes. But you didn’t do anything with it. Someone else did.

I’ve made the choice to give ‘that’ idea life a few times in my career.

Some have been successful, others not so much, but I gave it a shot.

Let that idea live

Set aside an hour, or maybe a few. I’m sure you can peel yourself away from ‘that’ project for an hour, or two each day.

Have the confidence to say ‘Let’s just give it a punt’.

Let that idea live.

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