You’re never too old to become a UX Designer

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The author of the (very insightful) article linked below talks about stepping into the Product Design arena at a later stage in their life. The grand old age of 40 to be more specific. Not exactly in their twilight years, and far from ‘past it’, even though some members of the Product Design community may think that, and that they’ve somehow missed the boat when deciding to take up this new career.

You can start a new career at any age, and if being a late starter to something like Product Design, but still being unsure if it’s the right career path to take is something that resonates with you, don’t worry. Like I heard (the legend that is) Gary Vaynerchuk mention in a recent Podcast; Sam Walton the chap who started Walmart made his tentative steps into retail at the ripe old age of 44. There you go. And he did ok for himself right?

There should never be an age limit on becoming a UI or UX Designer, or even a Retail Magnate like Mr Walton if that happens to appeal to you also. It’s about getting out there, giving it your best damn shot, staying committed, and saying “Screw you” to any naysayers that may cross your path.

Age is just a number as they alway say. Passion, hunger, and a willingness to learn and improve is much more important than the year you were thrust upon the world.

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Read the original article here.

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